paypal transfer
Details Needed for Transfer Bank

Holder Bank Name ...................
Number Account Bank....................
BANK NAME..............................
Address Bank...........................

Frequentyly Asked Questions in Banks transfer:

How can i get money from you?
- You will get money in your account after you pay with us.
How long i will get the money inthe account after i sent the payment?
- Time to get the money in your account take about 1 hour - 2 hour after you send Payment.
-Some banks take time and some banks not take time and you will get instant your amount.
where can i withdraw money in my account?
- You can withdraw the money immediately after you get it in your account.
- You can also withdraw it at any ATM if you have a card connect with your bank account.
This safe for my Buissness?
- Yes we sure we have checked this before many times and we guarantee 100% about this
- And if you have a fake info bank account to receive money from us, this would be great and a lot safer for your

I could do this everyday?
- We only transfer maximum of 6 times per account. And 2 time is 2 Transfer/1 account / 1 week.
What the country do you can transfer money to?
- Depending onthe countries, if your country to accept direct Money transfers from Foreign accounts to your account.
Regulations and Notes :
- We only transfer the Minimum $150 for $3000 to your account. Do not ask for a lower rate.
-The customer must pay 100% before working with us.
-Please do not bid or Spam, not use Vulgar words.
How about Deal?
- You make a Payment to me and Provide your bank details + Valid email
- After I receive Payment from you, i will make transfer for you immediately without delay.
- Transfer will be completed within 1-2 hours, then your will get money in your account bank.
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